TM Witko is a licensed clinical psychologist and published author of the non-fiction book Mental Health Care for Urban Indians: Clinical Insights from Native Practitioners (APA Books, 2006) which was one of the first books to address the specific needs within the urban Indian population. In addition, she is one of the co-founders of Winyan Press, LLC along with author Mindy Marin. Winyan Press is a female centric publishing house geared at helping female writers find their voice.

While she found a calling in Psychology, her passion has always been writing. She is a multi-genre author that focusses on Young Adult Fiction, Adult Romance, Suspense & Thrillers and Native American Fiction. At this time she has several stories in the works including 1) A Young Adult series called The Diakrisis Tales. The first book in the series, An Unexpected Gift, is expected to be released March 2018. 2) A Crime/Suspense series called The Talionic Files. The first book in the series, Retaliatory Justice, is expected to be released May 2018. 3) An Adult Romance stand alone book called Beyond the Beach, which is expected to be released July 2018, and 4) An LGBT romance called Sunday Kind of Love which is expected to be released in October 2018, to coincide with LGBT History Month.

In addition to writing, she is the developmental editor for author’s Mindy Marin and Reese Stephens. The first two books of Mindy Marin’s the Ceaseless series, Birth of the Phoenix (Feb 2015) and Flight of the Thunderbird (Jan 2016) are out now and the final installment Revenge of the Gryphons is expected in 2018. Reese Stephens’ Oak Grove Suspense Suspense Series, Vengeance (September 2016), Penance (February 2017), and Retribution (September 2017), are out now.

TM Witko’s writing style combines her knowledge of psychological principles with an understanding that things are never simply black or white, right or wrong, but that life is a beautiful combination of both. Her writing looks at every day issues in a new light to challenge the way we see the world and to recognize that things are not always what they seem.

Published work includes:

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  1. Tawa,
    I amazed at what an successful woman you have become. I do not know how much you remember of your childhood but I am your Uncle Clarence, now 62, I am retired from the Air Force, retired from Senior ET of Ohio State University and now senior Electronics Tech of an Industrial Automation Firm in Columbus, OH. If you don’t want to contact I understand, my childhood in the Moncrief house in Pine Hill was so traumatizing I have no contact with any siblings. I moved away when 18 and never went back. I have 2 children (daughter 43 and son 40) and 2 step children (son 34 who gave me 4 grandsons and a granddaughter and step daughter 30).
    God Bless and Take Care
    uncle clarence j moncrief, tsgt, usaf retired

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