For Justice

THE TALIONIC FILES is a crime suspense series that will follow a group of elite ATF agents in Chicago led by Valentino Masterson as they solve crime, fall in love, and get mixed up in all sorts of nefarious situations.

In the aftermath of bringing down the Sicignano Crime Family, Valentino must deal with the ripple effects it has on his community, and when a hit is made against Dimitri Komarovski, chaos ensues.

Meanwhile, we find ex-agent, Michelle Jones, living in isolation in the Big Horn Mountains. She inadvertently gets involved in a dangerous case, trying to save a young girl’s life. As things progress she finds that the situation is much bigger than she imagined and must call on her old friends for assistance.

In a story where the twists and turns are endless, whom can you trust?

Release Date: October 5, 2021

Cover created by Alex Marin

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