Mental Health Care for Urban Indians: Clinical Insights from Native Practitioners


Mental Health Care for Urban Indians: Cultural Insights from Native Practitioners is the first clinical book written by American Indian scholars working in Indian communities. This groundbreaking volume provides the reader with a basic understanding of the historical impact of colonization, the ensuing results of urban migration and boarding schools, and the effects that these events have had on the Native community. These lingering effects include a lack of cultural identity, a loss of tradition, and a sense of isolation that leads to violence, alcoholism, and often-risky behaviors. Chapter authors acknowledge this history while developing culturally sensitive practice recommendations that incorporate traditional healing methods. This will be an invaluable resource for psychologists with Native clients.

What people are saying:

“Expertly compiled and professionally edited by clinical psychologist Tawa M. Witko, Mental Health Care For Urban Indians: Clinical Insights From Native Practitioners is an extensive documentation of the cultural and historical impact of colonization on Native American cultures and the resultant psychological repercussions still present in the Native American population. Introducing a basic understanding of the history surrounding Native American urban migration and boarding schools, Mental Health Care For Urban Indians identifies the link between traditional healing methods and progressive psychology and advocates the practical use of both in treating mental health conditions manifesting in urban dwelling Native Americans today. With significant insights drawn in part from native practitioners, Mental Health Care For Urban Indians is very strongly recommended reading for psychologists, counselors, and health care professionals working with Native American clients in American cities today.” – Midwest Book Review

“Very helpful for understanding the difference from those disconnected from their heritage and their unique perspectives” – Amazon Customer

“Helps understand diversity and its use in my practice with Native clients.” – Amazon Customer

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