Helios Awakened

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The Helios Chronicles is an adult romance series that follows the lives of Andrew ‘Helios’ Harrison and Madison Ellis. Andrew has a difficult and traumatic past. Plagued with abuse and bad decisions he lands in prison on a charge that will haunt him forever and as such has lost all hope in himself and the possibility for love. Madison is a feisty and smart New Yorker who has her life planned out and nowhere in those plans does it include falling in love with a broken man. When Andrew and Madison meet, sparks fly immediately as they both discover that love can heal the wounds of their past. Unfortunately, everything is far from easy for these two.

In Book 1 of The Helios Chronicles, Helios Awakened, Madison moves from New York City to the California desert to care for her ailing grandmother but she never expected that she would meet the man of her dreams while there, a man that would set her heart, body and soul on fire. However, this man comes with a price, a heavy price. Is she willing to pay it?

Release Date: AUGUST 23, 2016

Adult Content: Language, Violence, and Sexual Situations, suitable for 18 and over.

Cover created by Alex Marin

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I am so thankful to the wonderful Alex Marin who created all of these wonderful illustrations of Andrew, aka Helios. He really brought him to life!

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