Deaths Pull

The Diakrisis Tales is a Young Adult Paranormal Series following an adolescent girl named Parker Joseph who discovers when she moves to a new town that she is more than what she seems and that it is only through her ‘gifts’ that she can bring peace to not only her small town but to the world as well. Each stand alone book will follow Parker on a new adventure.

In Book 3 of the DIAKRISIS TALES, A Deaths Pull, Parker discovers that that one can be pulled in many ways. Pulled to people. Pulled to places. Pulled to entities. She will find herself pulled to all three in this story of love and discovery as she tries to solve a mystery while on vacation with her friends in Miami. The case will involve the assistance of her new friends from Colorado, including one moody Spirit Guider named Ethan. Can they all work together and trust one another in order to save mankind once again?

Find out in this fast paced sequel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Release Date: March 15, 2022

Cover created by Alex Marin

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A Gifts Pull Signed Paperback

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