Let’s Go 2023

Hey everyone, well 2022 is finally over with. There was definitely a lot of good and of course some bad as well. That happens in life. Let me take a moment to highlight some of my accomplishments in 2022 and what I have in the works for 2023.

2022 in the Books!

First I published three books. Two in my Paranormal Young Adult series, The Diakrisis Tales. Death’s Pull (Book 3) and Ghostly Revenge (Book 4), were such a blast to write. Death’s Pull takes place in Miami which was a lot of fun to research and Book 4 took place in Deadwood which is in my home state of South Dakota. I sure hope I did my state justice. I also released my cowboy romance, Breaking Ember. I had that story in my head for a bit and was happy to get it published.

Secondly, I attended six book signings. Oh man, I was on the move. Capital City Author Event was so much fun. It took place in Montgomery, Alabama so Deanna and I took the opportunity to explore the state a bit, and of course, decided that Book 5 in the Diakrisis Tales will take place in a fictional town in Alabama. Writers! Then we went to Wild Deadwood Reads which is always great. I missed them in 2021 so was excited to be back again. Then came August where I hit three signings back to back. The Big Sky Book Event in Billings, Montana; Romance Rendezvous Book Blast in Cedar Falls, Iowa; and Orlando Reads Books in Orlando, Florida. I sure was tired but had so much fun and met so many new authors and readers. Finally, it was Indie Romance Convention in Lebanon, Tennessee. I was glad that we were able to have it this year. I had missed all my friends there.

Finally, my oldest son was able to spend some time with me in South Dakota which was wonderful. He hadn’t lived with me in twenty years, so it was definitely a change, but a good one. I also mapped out several new books, and in the winter started writing again.

2023 Here I Come!

So what’s in store for 2023. Well, for starters I will be publishing a new series. It is a paranormal romance trilogy that I am writing with my daughter. It will star a shifter, a vampire, and a sorcerer. I cannot wait for you all to read it. My goal is to have them out this summer. Book 1 is nearly completed and should be at the editor in a couple of weeks if all goes well. The stories will be separate but interlocking.

Signings, yep, I’ll be hitting six more book signings this year. The first one is just around the corner. It’s the Hot NOLA Carnival Author Event near New Orleans, Louisiana. I have never been to this one so Deanna and I are excited to go. I have a big gap after that so I can finish writing the series, and Book 5 of the Diakrisis Tales. So my next signing will be in August. I will hit Romance Rendezvous Book Blast which is such a cool signing. Then I hit up several I have never been too before. In September, I will be at Books By The Arch in St Louis, Missouri which looks to be a lot of fun. In October I will be at Hopelessly Devoted in Ontario, California which I’m excited about because I grew up in Ontario. In November I will be at two signings, Indie Romance Convention in Lebanon, Tennessee, and Committed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Not gonna lie, that last one has me super stoked. I’ve always wanted to visit the Stanley Hotel.

Please, please, please, check out the Signings Page on my website for more information about each of these signings. I’d love to catch you at one of them.


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