Cover Reveal: Ghostly Revenge

I’m so excited to reveal the cover of Book 4 in mine and Deanna’s paranormal young adult series, The Diakrisis Tales. It’s called Ghostly Revenge, and picks up when Parker joins the Spirit Guiders in Colorado.

Before I go any further, I thought I should explain the name change. When I went to this book which was initially titled, Our Shared Gifts, I was advised by Amazon that I would not be able to do that. I went round and round with them to no avail. To make a long two-week story short, I’m not allowed to use the word ‘Gift’ in a title anymore. That left me with a decision to be made. After discussions with Deanna and my cover designer Alex, we decided to go ahead and change the names of all the books in the series because I didn’t want to go through this with future books. After all, I just started writing Book Five and we already have a solid idea on what we are going to do with Book Six in the series. As such, the new titles are as follows:

  • An Unexpected Gift is now titled Haunted Thoughts
  • The Gifts We Bring is now titled Fear Within
  • A Gifts Pull is now titled Deaths Pull

Parker has become an official Spirit Guider and is now part of Ethan and Camilo’s team. This proves a bit tricky for both Ethan and Parker who have to come to terms with their feelings for one another, which they don’t always handle in a good way, but Camilo, bless his sweet and loving heart, is bound and determined to make everything work out. Now, the last step before becoming a full-fledged team able to go on missions together, Parker, Camilo and Ethan must go on a retreat together. This is to make sure they can truly mesh with one another. They decide on Deadwood, South Dakota.

While in the Black Hills, the three go on several activities together, as a way to bound with one another as a cohesive team. One of the biggest challenges is for Parker and Ethan who have to come to terms with how they feel about each other and what they want to do about it. Ethan is very stoic while Parker is young and free spirited. She sees no harm in having a relationship. Can she convince him to take a chance? If she can’t, maybe Camilo can, he probably wants them together more than they want to be together… LOL

Of course, like every book in the series, there is some type of monster or spirit that Parker must fight or vanquish, and this book is no different. I won’t tell you the creatures name or offer specific details about how it came to be, as you must discover that on this journey you take with Parker and her team, but it is powerful, and has been killing for a long time.

Deanna and I spent a lot of time deciding what we wanted this entity to be, what its purpose was, and how Parker would battle it, so to speak. Honestly, that’s usually the hardest part about mapping out a story like this. Glad I have her to do this with.

Those are a few of new characters in this book, but mostly you will have met everyone in previous books. If you are new to The Diakrisis Tales, you can pick up Books One (Haunted Thoughts), Two (Fear Within) and Three (Deaths Pull) in the series HERE. Deanna and I are so excited for you to read this fourth installment.

Release Information:

  1. Ghostly Revenge will be available on paperback and eBook on June 7, 2022.
  2. The paperback version of Ghostly Revenge will be available through Amazon (US and International). The eBook version of the story will be available on all your favorite eBook retailers. Sorry, it won’t be in Kindle Unlimited.
  3. Over the next week I will reveal several new videos, photos and illustrations so be sure you are following me on my Facebook Author PageThe Diakrisis Tales Series PageTwitterInstagram, and here on my Website so that you don’t miss out on any important information.
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In Book 4 of the DIAKRISIS TALES, Ghostly Revenge, Parker and the team must come together as one unit, and to do so, they travel to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Their bonds will grow during this time, and feelings will come to the surface that they will need to deal with. Unfortunately, while there they discover that not everything is as it seems. A supernatural force set out on revenge will interrupt their time together. They will need to utilize their shared gifts to solve the mystery before more people are killed.

This case will challenge their perceptions along with their knowledge about the world.


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