Cover Reveal: Breaking Ember

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for my newest romance novel. The cover was designed by Winyan Press, LLC illustrator, Alex Marin. It features cover model Grant from RLS Photography. It’s exciting to have my first exclusive cover model.

This story has been percolating in my brain for quite some time. It was actually something I wanted to write a long time ago when I heard the song A Beautiful War by Kings of Leon. Other stories took precedent though, as I didn’t quite have this one mapped out yet. This past year I was determined to get it out. I spent a month mapping it out with my daughter and then the writing came easily. I can’t wait for you all to read it.

Speaking of Deanna, as you all know she has a super mad crush on Tony Stark. When I told her she could name my bull rider I never expected her to name him Tone. I was like what in the world, no way. She eventually wore me down, so yep, he’s named Tone after Tony Stark. My little contribution to the Iron Man lore was to name the horse he works with Pepper. I couldn’t help it and Deanna thought it was perfect.

Let me start by telling you a bit about the two main characters in this new story, Ember Rawlings and Tone Markenson, and a secondary character I absolutely love, Taylor Hawkins. There’s another secondary character, that you will love to hate, but I decided that I will leave you to discover that person in the story.

At the start of Breaking Ember, we find Ember wallowing in despair. She’s been through a serious rough patch and is not interested in meeting someone new. In fact, it takes some major convincing from her best friend Taylor to even come to a ranch again. Once there, she is forced to come to terms with her past trauma. Will she give Tone a chance? More importantly, will she give herself one?

When we meet Tone, he is working at Hawkins Ranch. Although he is a bull rider by profession, he is also an expert at breaking horses. He has a quirky and carefree personality. He takes life as it comes without much care in the world. For him life is a series of events that are leading him to where he needs to be. He has a plan for his future and is working hard to achieve it. He knows he’s good at what he does, but he refuses to give up ownership of his life to sponsors or anyone else. Will he be able to breakthrough Ember’s tough exterior and help her find happiness again?

Finally, we have Taylor Hawkins. She runs Hawkins Ranch. She took over for her father after he had a heart attack. She’s young but determined to make their horse ranch a success. She’s also been Ember’s best friend since their rodeo days as teenagers. Taylor is the only person that Ember truly trusts. She is fiercely loyal, and just an overall cool person.

I found myself utterly in love with all of these characters and I hope you will as well. Please check out the release information below, pre-order if you are so inclined, and be sure you are following all of my social media links so you don’t miss out on any important information.


  1. Breaking Ember will be available on paperback and eBook on April 19, 2022.
  2. The paperback version of Breaking Ember will be available through Amazon (US and International). Breaking Ember will also be available in Kindle Unlimited. After the three months in KU, I will evaluate whether to keep it in there or go wide with it.
  3. The preorder for the Kindle version of Breaking Ember is now available. You can preorder it HERE.
  4. Over the next two weeks I will reveal several new photos and illustrations so be sure you are following me on my Facebook Author PageTwitterInstagram, and here on my Website so that you don’t miss out on any important information.

Can one moment change your life forever?

Ember Rawlings was on the cusp of achieving her dreams until it all came crashing down. Five years later, she is nearly a recluse, a shadow of her former self, until a personal favor sets her on a new course. Tone Markenson is one of the best bull riders around. He could be number one if he wanted that but he has bigger dreams in mind. He is immediately drawn to Ember, but soon realizes that in order to have a chance with her he will need to heal her wounded heart.

An unbreakable horse. A woman stuck in the past. A fearless man. Throw them all together and you have a recipe for disaster, or a blessing in disguise. Which will this be?


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