Cover Reveal: The Gifts We Bring

I’m so excited to reveal the cover of Book 2 in mine and Deanna’s paranormal young adult series, The Diakrisis Tales. It’s called The Gifts We Bring, and picks up after the epilogue in An Unexpected Gift.

This story took a lot longer to complete than we anticipated it would. In the fall of 2018, Deanna and I mapped it out, sorted through the details of what we were going to do, and delved into the backstory of all the added secondary characters. You would think writing it would have been easy, right? Best laid plans usually don’t go as expected. Life got in the way, family issues arose in 2019 that halted all writing, and then at the end of 2019 a new puppy entered our lives. She’s adorable but very needy in regards to my time when I’m home. Then of course, COVID-19 happened. Goodness gracious. Anyway, it took some time to get back in the groove but Deanna and I are both happy with the end results.

The premise for this story came to Deanna and I on one of our long drives to her dance studio. As we discussed the first book, we played with ideas on where we wanted to go with the series. We knew we wanted Parker to connect with a group of people who also had gifts and were using them for good. But how do we do that in a good way that has a dose of reality to it while still being in the paranormal realm. After many, many discussions, we came up with the idea of Spirit Guiders. I need to give my girl props here because her mind is extraordinary.

In the second book of the series we look at what happens to Parker after the battle in An Unexpected Gift. What does she do with the new information she has? How exactly does she do what the Spirit People tasked her to do? This book explores those ideas and more. The story primarily takes place in a secret location in Colorado, where she discovers a whole society of people called Spirit Guiders, who help her understand her gift, and how she can use it to help others. In the process we meet a lot of fun and kooky characters. Let’s meet a few of them.

Who are the Founders? They are the leaders of the Spirit Guiders. Through their expertise they learned to channel their gifts, so that they could help others.

  • Oliver Reese Whitaker is a Spirit Caller. He can call on the spirits to show him the residual of spiritual events, good and bad.
  • Willow Pearl Greenwood is a Truth Seeker. She can tell if people are good or evil, and if they are being truthful or not.
  • Daniel Montgomery Keyes is a Spiritual Empath. He can tell if there is positive or negative energy around people and things. He can also channel his emotions to help others feel better.

Spirit Guiders are paired in groups of three as a way to utilize their special gifts. The first group we meet are Huntyr, his twin sister, Raine, and Jules. They lead the initial investigation into what happened with Misokinala in An Unexpected Gift. They will play an integral part in helping Parker understand & use her gift.

There are several groups of Spirit Guiders that Parker will come in contact with. The one led by Ethan proves to be the most challenging. Ethan and Parker don’t hit it off, in fact, adversarial is the best way to describe their interactions. Can they find a way to work together?

Those are just a few of the new characters. We have more in store for you. Now, if you are new to The Diakrisis Tales, pick up An Unexpected Gift, Book 1 in the series for only 99 cents. We have it marked down until the release of Book 2 to give people a chance to read it before the next book comes out. Grab An Unexpected Gift HERE.

Deanna and I are so excited for you to read this second installment, and happily can advise that we are already mapping out the third book in the series which we expect to release next summer.

Release Information:

  1. The Gifts We Bring will be available on paperback and eBook on July 28, 2020.
  2. The paperback version of The Gifts We Bring will be available through Amazon (US and International). The eBook version of the story will be available on all your favorite eBook retailers. Sorry, it won’t be in Kindle Unlimited. I just haven’t had very good luck with that system.
  3. For a very limited time you’ll be able to preorder the Kindle version of The Gifts We Bring for only .99. That’s right! For the next three days you will be able to get it for just 99 pennies. On Friday, July 24th, it will go to regular price. Be sure to take advantage of this special price incentive.
  4. Over the next week I will reveal several new videos, photos and illustrations so be sure you are following me on my Facebook Author PageThe Diakrisis Tales Series PageTwitterInstagram, and here on my Website so that you don’t miss out on any important information.
  5. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for mailing list HERE.

In Book 2 of the DIAKRISIS TALES, The Gifts We Bring, Parker learns that she is not alone, that there are others like her. They are called Spirit Guiders and they are tasked with helping release the negative spiritual energy around people and communities. As she spends time with them, learning about her gift and what they all bring to the table, she will face a demon more dangerous than the one she faced before. Can she save her newfound friends before they succumb to the darkness? More importantly, will they be able to help her destroy the open fissures between worlds or will she be forced to face this task alone?


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