Hello 2019


Well, 2018 wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and a lot of my professional goals didn’t quite pan out, but I am fully optimistic about 2019. Ya know, obstacles are not the end of it all, it just teaches how to see other options which is what I plan on doing this year.


I have been working on a few stories. I just finished up Book Two in THE DIAKRISIS TALES, a novella for an anthology that didn’t really materialize, and have started on Book Two in THE TALIONIC FILES. I will be publishing three stories for sure this year. So I will take a moment to tell you a little bit more about these stories and when to look out for them.

IMG_20190102_204109_558000The first project that will be released is THE GIFTS WE BRING, which is book two in mine and Deanna’s paranormal young adult series called, THE DIAKRISIS TALES. The stories center around a 17 year old Native girl named Parker Joseph. To refresh people’s memories, in book one, AN UNEXPECTED GIFT, Parker and her mother move to a small town in Georgia that has an evil presence upon it. Unbeknownst to them, that evil will trigger a long dormant ‘gift’ within Parker, something that will allow her to not only detect evil in its many forms but combat it as well. In book two, Parker meets a group of people called, Spirit Guiders. They have learned to control their gifts and use it to help others. They invite Parker to go to their headquarters in Colorado, so that she can learn from them, and unfortunately once there she realizes that not everyone is so eager to meet her, not to mention a new evil that presents itself that she must now combat. Expected release date: May 2019

IMG_20190103_065716_132000The second project to be released is called FOR JUSTICE. It is book two in my ATF series THE TALIONIC FILES. The series follows a group of elite ATF agents in Chicago led by Agent Valentino Masterson. To refresh people’s memories, in book one, RETALIATORY JUSTICE, Valentino and his crew of specialized agents are brought in on a case in New Orleans that links to their case in Chicago. During the investigation he meets the beautiful Dominique Walker, a chef working for the people Valentino is investigating. Let’s just say things get pretty interesting when he finds himself falling for her, unfortunately, he doesn’t quite know what side she’s on. Book two will pick up with the aftermath of book one, focussing on what is happening in Chicago, as well as learning what becomes of former agent, Michelle Jones, who inadvertently gets mixed up with a militia group in Montana, to save a young girl’s life. She finds that the situation is much bigger than she imagines and must call on her old friends for help. Expected release date: August 2019

img_20181018_232604_421000The third project I will be releasing is a novella I wrote for the Aspen Springs Anthology called, ALWAYS HIS GIRL. Due to unforeseen circumstances the anthology isn’t going to happen so I will be publishing the story independently. I havent decided yet if I will release it on paperback or not, but will make that decision a little closer to release date. The story centers around two best friends, Nevaeh and Jensen. They have grown up in the sleepy little town of Aspen Springs, never crossing the line between friends and lovers. But when 9-11 happens and Jensen enlists, she worries that this might be her only chance to love him, the way she’s always dreamed of. Will he feel the same way for her, and can their love survive war? Expected release date: September 2019


screen shot 2018-12-15 at 12.34.53 pmI haven’t finished writing FOR JUSTICE but will be finishing that up the beginning of this year. In fact, I’ve already started on it. I am only attached to one novella this year, and that’s for the fifth Thrill of the Hunt installment. This year the theme is buried alive, which I admit was a  bit difficult to wrap my head around, but thanks to a long drive with my daughter, she helped me map out a story that I really like. The gist of the story involves a group of friends who head off in the middle of the night on a well deserved break from school. In that process they get in a car accident and find refuge in the roots of a large tree, figuring it might protect them from the oncoming storm, but things don’t go as planned. I have tentatively titled it, THE PUNISHERS, but may change that. The anthology is set for an August release.

Book Signings

I have four book signings lined up which I’m super excited to talk about. Three of them are multi-genre which means I will have all my books there, the fourth is romance specific so I will only be selling by romance titles at that one.

39588834_1109948829155766_6561861557498675200_oThe first book signing I will be attending is Wild Deadwood Reads. It is held from June 6-8, 2019 in Deadwood, South Dakota at the Deadwood Mountain Grand. I attended this signing last year and absolutely LOVED it. The people were great, the setting was wonderful, and it was basically local for me which is very rare. If you have never been to Deadwood, you should definitely try and make it. The book signing is FREE, so if you are in the neighborhood come on down. This is a multi-genre signing so I will be bringing all my books with me. Deanna will also be there, and she has decided to cosplay as Parker Joseph from our paranormal young adult series, THE DIAKRISIS TALES. That should be fun 🙂 You can get all the information you need for this signing on their website, HERE.

38467911_10156099445874145_4677821157506809856_oThe second book signing I will be attending this year is Indie Bookfest. It will be held from August 1-4 in Orlando, Florida at the Caribe Royale Resort. Last year I wasn’t able to attend which I was bummed about because I really enjoy everything about this convention. The organizers, Tawdra and Mandie, are super sweet and helpful, and the signing really is made for indie authors like myself. I am hoping to be on a few panels this year but won’t know about that until later. All I know is that its an awesome event. The book signing is always on Saturday, which will be the 4th and its FREE to anyone. I will have all my titles here, including the new ones. So if you can swing by and see Deanna and I, please come by and say hello. You can find all the information you need about this event on their website, HERE.

44518075_2188079821226120_5191228083348176896_nThe third signing I will be attending is the Indie Romance Convention. It will be held from October 9-12 in Lebanon, Tennessee at the Comfort Suites Hotel. I was supposed to attend this last year but wasn’t able to, and the lovely ladies there carried over the fee I had paid and put me down for this year, which I am very thankful for. I have had the opportunity to get to know a few of the attending authors so far, through the IRC Facebook Live Book Club. We are reading one book (authors choosing), from attending authors. Mine will be this month 🙂 If you’d like to join, you can do so HERE. I don’t have the schedule yet for this one, so I’m not sure the day of the signing, but my guess is, it will be on Saturday, the 12th. This is a romance specific signing so I will only have my romance titles here. You can get all the information you need for this signing on their website, HERE.

45959567_2069517336403189_351566274590932992_nThe final signing I will be attending is the Fall Into Books event. It will be held on November 9, 2019 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at the Museum of Visual Materials. This will be my first time attending this signing which I am excited about. Last year I was too late to get into it, so I’m glad I’ll be able to be there this year. I have family and friends in Sioux Falls so I hope I’ll be able to see some of them there. This is also a multi-genre signing so I will have all of my books here. I’m planning on having Deanna attend this one with me, providing she doesn’t have any dance conflicts. You can get all the information you need for this signing on their website, HERE.

Social Media Presence

One of my big goals for 2018 was to increase my social media presence which I think I did, but want to continue doing that this year. I have an author reading group, that I would LOVE for you to join, if you haven’t already. It’s called T’s Writing Nook and its a place where I have been doing games, giving away books, and posting sneak peeks.  It’s the happening place to be 🙂



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