An Unexpected Gift Q&A

An Unexpected Gift - _0001_Front VerticalNormally with the release of a new book I do some kind of interview. Earlier this year I did a character interview with my two main characters of Retaliatory Justice, Valentino and Dominique. I wasn’t able to get one done for Beyond the Beach, the first book I didn’t do a Q&A for, so I wanted to make sure I got one done for this book. As I was thinking about the interview I decided to do something different. This time around I chose to interview my co-author, my wonderful daughter, Deanna.

I sat down with Deanna this evening, August 19, 2018, where I asked her questions about An Unexpected Gift: Book One in the Diakrisis Tales. She talks about the writing process, and how it was a bit easier doing this one than the last book we wrote together, Thirty Eight. She also talked about her love of Emma Swan from Once Upon Time, what she has next on the horizon, and who her favorite characters are.

Check out the interview below and then when you’re done, hop on over to my An Unexpected Gift Page and get your copy.


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