Hello January


This year is going to be an extremely busy one for me. I know I mentioned briefly in my Goodbye 2017 post what some of the things are that I have on the horizon but I thought I would take some time today to elaborate.


I worked hard last year on writing and as a result I have three for sure books that will be published this year, and one maybe. So  I will take a moment to tell you a little bit more about these stories and when to look out for them.

Talionic Files2-001The first project to be released is called RETALIATORY JUSTICE. It is book one in my ATF series THE TALIONIC FILES. The series will follow a group of elite ATF agents in Chicago led by Agent Valentino Masterson. Valentino’s life is turned upside down when his family is murdered by the ruthless Sicignano Family. He will do anything to track them down and make them pay. Retaliatory Justice will pick up with Valentino and his crew of specialized agents being brought in on a case in New Orleans that links to their case in Chicago. During the investigation he meets the beautiful Dominique Walker, a chef working for the people Valentino is investigating. Let’s just say things get pretty interesting when he finds himself falling for her, unfortunately, he doesn’t quite know what side she’s on. In a story where it becomes increasingly difficult to tell the bad guys from the good ones, you will be on the edge of your seat until the very final moment. Expected release date: April 2018

Beyond the Beach PromoThe second project I will be releasing is BEYOND THE BEACH. It is an adult romance stand-alone book that tells the tale of a man named Masen Pelletier who only wants to ‘play’, that is until he finds a girl that makes him want to grow up and be a man. Masen Pelletier was living his life to the fullest, on a mission to surf every beach he could. He had his life ahead of him and there was nothing or no one he couldn’t have but what happens when he meets Zoe, someone who won’t give him what he wants. Will he change and find a way to live beyond the beach or will he always swim alone? Expected release June or July 2018

Unexpected GiftThe third project that will be released is An UNEXPECTED GIFT, which is book one in mine and Deanna’s paranormal young adult series called, THE DIAKRISIS TALES. The stories center around a 16 year old girl named Parker Joseph. In book one Parker and her mother move to a small town in Georgia that has an evil presence upon it. Unbeknownst to them, that evil will trigger a long dormant ‘gift’ within Parker, something that will allow her to not only detect evil in its many forms but combat it as well. Will she be able to figure out how to use it in time to save the people she loves? Expected release August 2018


As I mentioned in my Goodbye 2017 post, I will be working on three novellas this year and if all goes well, finishing up Book Two in THE DIAKRISIS TALES. I wrote a nice chunk of it during the 2017 National Novel Writing Month Challenge in November but didn’t finish it. Hopefully, I will be able to get to it this year. For now though, this is what I am working on.

legendsThe first novella is for the fourth Thrill of the Hunt Anthology, tentatively called, COME THE HUNTERS. I can’t wait to start it. Its an urban legend theme this time around, and I let Deanna pick my urban legend. She picked an interesting one for me, one that I hadn’t heard of. When I initially read the description of the legend, I looked at her, and told her that I didn’t think that was very scary. She immediately told me that its up to me to make it scary. I shrugged and said okay. I’m mapping out the chapters as we speak and will start working on it next month. The anthology should be released in August.

e847027e43a1f99a37cf236f5f70327d--state-parks-oklahomaThe second novella is going to be set in Oklahoma and while I am not 100% sure what I’m writing, it will be Native specific. I have a strong idea formulating in my mind right now, based on an old story I had wanted to write. Just need to see if I can fit all the pieces together. If you know anyone from eastern Oklahoma, near the Arkansas border, I’d like to talk to them, just to get a geography perspective. This story will be part of an anthology that is expected to be released in September.

mirror-quote-psThe third novella is going to tap into a story I thought about a long time ago but never wrote. It will take place in Tennessee and will feature a bull rider who meets his match in a visitor to the ranch he works at. It is part of a pet themed anthology that I agreed to participate in. Its a story of forgiveness and love, with the primary focus being on a broken girl and a horse that helps her heal. I have the story completed in my head but haven’t mapped it out yet. I will be doing that shortly as well. The anthology is expected to be released in September.

Book Signings

I have four book signings lined up which I’m super excited to talk about. Three of them are multi-genre which means I will have all my books there, the fourth is romance specific so I will only be selling by romance titles at that one.

26730867_895862160596727_2255367689549835749_nThe first book signing I will be attending this year is Indie Bookfest. It will be held from August 9-12 in North Orlando, Florida at the Westin Lake Mary. I have attended this book signing the last three years and love it. Last year I also presented on two panels, but I’m not sure I will be on any in 2018, it depends on the topics. All I know is that its an awesome event. The book signing is always on Saturday, which will be the 11th and its FREE to anyone. I will have all my titles here, including the three new ones. So if you can swing by and see Deanna and I, please come by and say hello. You can find all the information you need about this event on their website, HERE.

authors-steel-city-78The second signing I will be attending is called Authors in the Steel City. It will be held from September 7-9 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Pittsburgh Marriott North. I am so excited for this one. Everyone knows I’m a HUGE Steelers fan, so being there will be a dream 🙂 The other cool thing about this signing is that I will be attending it with fellow Winyan Press author Reese A. Stephens so you can catch both of us there. I’m not sure what day the signing is but once I know, I will let you all know. I’m also not sure if Deanna will attend with me or not. It will depend on her school schedule. I will be signing all my titles here, including my three new ones. You can get all the information you need about the signing and tickets at the Facebook Event Page, HERE.

e3eb5e_c24d6d8ebd9047ec9af4c57e193b41c2The third signing I will be attending is called the Ignite Your Soul Event. It will be held on September 29 in London, Ontario, Canada at the Double Tree by Hilton. I have never been to London, Ontario, and am excited to attend. I had a few author friends that attend this every year and they encouraged me to go, so its on my list. What’s awesome about this event is that they donate fees to charity. This year that charity helps National Service Dogs. How wonderful is that? I will be signing all my titles here, including my three new ones. You can learn more about the event on their website, HERE.

IRC2018BUTTONThe final signing I will be attending is the Indie Romance Convention. It will be held from October 10-13 in Lebanon, Tennessee at the Comfort Suites Hotel. I was supposed to attend this last year but wasn’t able to, and the lovely ladies there carried over the fee I had paid and put me down for this year, which I am very thankful for. I have had the opportunity to get to know a few of the attending authors so far, through the IRC Book Club. We are reading one book (authors choosing), from attending authors. Mine will be in July 🙂 If you’d like to join, you can do so HERE. I don’t have the schedule yet for this one, so I’m not sure the day of the signing, but my guess is, it will be on Saturday, the 12th. You can get all the information you need for this signing on their website, HERE.

Social Media Presence

One of my big goals for 2018 is to increase my social media presence. I have an author reading group, that I would LOVE for you to join, if you haven’t already. It’s called T’s Writing Nook and its a place where I have been doing games, giving away books, and posting sneak peeks.  It’s a happening place to be 🙂


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day





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