Indie Bookfest, 2017

It’s been a few weeks since Indie Bookfest and I already miss everyone. For those unsure what Indie Bookfest is, its a wonderful book convention that celebrates indie authors. There is a whole day to help authors learn more about the15541987_684153435100935_7644027973372487760_n business. They call it industry day and it was fantastic. I learned so much about marketing and building strong characters. Then on Saturday, well, that day is dedicated to readers. There are presentations on everything you could possibly think of and then there was a huge 3 hour book signing to end the day. There are also parties and fanfare and several other meet and greets for readers and authors to connect at.

I participated on three different panels. One on Industry Day, entitled Health and Wellness. It was a great panel where we talked about how we keep ourselves grounded in this crazy writing world. Then on Saturday I moderated the Paranormal panel and participated on the Mystery Writer panel. Both panels were filled with some amazing authors. I was so honored to be among them.

I’ll tell ya what though. The best part about the convention was meeting so many new fanbiggestpeople. I got to hug some of my fave author friends like Kelly Abell and Laura Perez, and met so many fans. It was a huge fangirl moment for me. I was super stoked as well, because I finally got to meet fellow Winyan Press Author, Reese Stephens, whom I had only talked to online. Oh man, I think we talked and visited more than anything else. To top off the evening, Winyan Press, co founder, Mindy Marin and Winyan Press Illustrator, Alex Marin, also made it to the signing. It was a total Winyan Press family get together.

So many people ask if its worth it as an author to go to book conventions, to that I say a hearty YES! Not only do you get to gather valuable information about the writing business but you also get to meet so many people, authors, fans, bloggers, etc. The relationships you create and nurture from there can turn into lasting friendships. I know that many of the opportunities I have had as a writer have stemmed from things I learned from other authors and book fans.

Well, that is it for now. I can’t wait to see everyone again at the 2018 Indie Bookfest πŸ™‚

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