Welcome to Pow Wow Season

14355783_10153723780462373_4913280401434182665_nEvery year, I look forward to pow wow season. I just love everything about it, from the beat of the drum, to watching my children dance, to eating some awesome frybread and of course, the entire atmosphere. It’s a time for fellowship and reconnecting with others, some of which we haven’t see in a year. It feels good and its no coincidence that the pow wow season also coincides with our ‘New Year’, Sundance.

18953287_10212767853092251_5161704618824962139_oThis year Deanna will be representing her Miss Mahkato Wacipi title all over and we will also be bringing our book THIRTY EIGHT to various pow wows as well. We will have it available for purchase and signing. In addition, we have decided that during this pow wow season, June 1st to Sept 30th, we will match whatever royalties we make on the book. For example, if we make $200 in royalties during this time period, we will add another $200 to the mix, in essence, doubling the donation to the Dakota 38 Ride, for the quarter.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 11.56.10 AMThis weekend was supposed to be our first pow wow of the season, the Cannon Ball Flag Day Celebration, but circumstances arose which caused the pow wow to be cancelled. Totally disappointing but as with everything, sometimes things happen and you just got to go with the flow. So, we will prepare for the next one which is the Isanti Traditional Wacipi in Santee, Nebraska. I have a special relationship with Santee, having worked there for many years and am excited to go back and visit with friends I haven’t seen in a while. In addition to being at the pow wow, Deanna and I will also have a booth at their annual health fair which is something you should all attend if you get a chance. Lots of freebies and great information from some wonderful speakers. Definitely worth checking out!

Our plan as of right now is to be at the following pow wows but there will likely be more snuck in as well. These are just the ones we know for sure we will be at.:

  • June 23-25 at the Isanti Traditional Wacipi and Health Fair in Santee, Nebraska
  • July 1-3 at the Bear Soldier Wacipi in McLaughlin, South Dakota
  • August 4-6 at the Long Soldier Wacipi in Fort Yates, North Dakota
  • August 18-20 at Crow Fair in Crow Agency, Montana
  • September 8 -10 at the United Tribes Wacipi in Bismarck, North Dakota
  • September 22-24 at the Mahkato Traditional Wacipi in Mankato, Minnesota

So please, if you are at any of the pow wows, come by and say hi to us, pick up a book or get yours signed. We won’t necessarily have an official table at any of the pow wows as that has proven more difficult to arrange than I thought it would but, we will have books on hand for you to purchase. I will announce on my Author Page where you can find us, the Friday of each of these pow wows. See ya on the Pow Wow Trail 🙂

2016 Dakota 38 Ride




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