Teaser Trailer: Helios Awakened

I know that initially I said that I wasn’t going to start releasing The Helios Chronicles until the end of 2016 but after discussion with my daughter we decided that I would focus on getting Helios finished by the end of summer and that after that she and I will start working on the first two books of our Young Adult Paranormal Series, The Diakrisis Tales. So with that in mind the revised timetable for The Helios Chronicles is as follows:

  • HELIOS AWAKENED (Book 1) will be released in August 2016… I have a date in mind but I will announce it next month.
  • HELIOS BEGINNINGS (Prequel Novella) will be released in October 2016
  • HELIOS EXPOSED (Book 2) will be released in December 2016
  • HELIOS RENEWED (Book 3) will be released in April 2017
  • HELIOS FOREVER (Epilogue Novella) will be released in May 2017

I will say that the cover for Helios Awakened is ready and I have some other illustrations being worked on as well but I wont reveal them until probably next month. In the meantime I put together this teaser trailer for Helios Awakened. I hope you like it!


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