“The Judges have selected the Top 40 Screenplay Outlines! Now, YOU decide which moves on!” – THE TWILIGHT SAGA @Twilight

Unfortunately, yous truly was not selected. BUT… that does not mean you should not vote. In fact, head on over to the  website and take a gander at the summaries and select your favorite. You can vote HERE

Now as for my entries, since they were not selected they are mine and mine alone. So, with that being said I will still write them and post the stories here on the website. I have added a page entitled Twilight Storytellers which is where I will post my three short stories.  For now, I will simply give you my titles and summaries. Please offer a comment either here or on their section to let me know what you think of them. Thank you everyone for your support.

VISIONS OF TERROR: While Alice is wrongly admitted in a psychiatric hospital she undergoes ECT and has her first vision of Jasper, blurry and unclear but it makes her happy and hopeful for the future. Unfortunately, she also begins to have terrifying visions of James that get progressively worse culminating in the death of several innocent people. In this time she also meets and befriends a groundskeeper, who after hearing about her visions, offers to protect her. That protective, however, will change her life forever.

FORCE OF NATURE: Benjamin’s life had never been easy but performing for his uncle allowed him to look after Tia, another young performer, until they could both escape. One night his world changed when he was taken by a stranger who turned him into a vampire. Benjamin found his power to manipulate elements amplified in his second life but his mind never stopped worrying about Tia and what became of her. After five years of doing as he was told and remaining hidden from everyone, he defied Amun and went in search of her. But how will she respond should they meet again?

A TRAVELER’S JOURNEY: Carlisle never wanted to be a vampire but made the most of eternity, studying and traveling extensively. On his journey he meets an array of interesting people including the reclusive Alistair and a clan of vampires who call themselves the Volturi, whom he decides to stay with. All appeared to be going well until he is asked to accompany Caius to Ireland. It’s then that Carlisle realizes that Caius has an ulterior motive. Can he escape Caius’ vengeance and make it to America as planned?


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