When Death Calls

19388652_10213089583303731_4699833603874492469_oThis is my third entry in the Thrill of the Hunt Anthologies. Each anthology generally encompasses several independent stories filled with suspense, that are aimed at thrilling you. For the third installment of ToTH entitled, The Hunted: Welcome to Whitebridge, we are going to do something a little different. This year the creator of the anthology, the wonderful Laura Perez, brought up the idea of having a central theme, something we could all write around. With that in mind she created the world of Whitebridge.

“Hundreds of years ago in the town of Whitebridge, Native and European alike fought evil and won. The result, a town disconnected from our reality except for one day a year, the longest day, the day of the summer solstice. 

Unfortunately the evil they thought beaten has just been biding its time. As generations have worked toward reconnecting with our world, some are content with the evil that surfaces once a year. With disappearances and random deaths of both residents and outsiders increasing, factions fight to either free the town or condemn it for all eternity.

Join the TOTH authors as they tell the story of Whitebridge, from Dani Lyons the current town Sheriff who begins to discover the truth of what has been going on, to Ariane Nantuck, one of the towns oldest residents who holds more secrets than anyone knows, to Billy Bane, who always appears crazy as a fox or is he just crazy.
No one person knows the truth, will you?

With a release date of 10/1/2017. Come join some of your favorite authors and introduce yourselves to some new ones as you: Experience the terror, the fear and for some…redemption.”

Forest Haze

This task was a little difficult for me at first. I had a story in mind from before. Something that I had been toying with for awhile and I worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it fit within the parameters of the central theme of the anthology. But, after I played with it a little more, I realized I could. So off I went to work on something that I hope will scare you a bit. My story is called When Death Calls and it involves a young couple who take a trip to Whitebridge during the summer solstice and get more than they bargained for!

“Sally and Josh picked the wrong day to wander into Whitebridge looking for a bit of an adventure. What they find will challenge everything they believe in and could very well cost them their lives. Can they make it out of the forest alive or will they find that when death calls, you must answer!”

I’m so excited to have you all read this story as well as the others in this anthology. I’m sure they will all be pretty awesome! I swear, I really love writing these little stories and delving into the darker side of my writing. I hope you all enjoy it!

I want to take a moment to thank the awesome Kelly Abell, who through her company, Select-O-Grafix, created the cover for When Death Calls as well as many of the other ones in the anthology. I really love it.

AND, last but not least, the preorder for The Hunted: Welcome to Whitebridge is UP. Preorder the anthology HERE!

White horse painted as skeleton standing in the autumn forest