Collages-003SNAPSHOTS is a collection of multi-genre stories aimed at giving readers a sample of my writing. Some stories have previously been written in another format while others are brand new. Some of these are complete as is while others are just the beginning of a story that will be finished at a later date. The stories I plan on writing more on will be indicated along with when the expected release dates are in an Author Note at the end of the story. So please, enjoy these SNAPSHOTS of my various styles and if you are so inclined please leave me a comment, telling me what you think.

These stories will be available on my blog as well as on my Wattpad account which is a free service for readers and writers. My plan is to add new stories every couple of weeks and by the beginning of Fall 2016 I will put them in a Kindle file and offer it for free.


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Portrait of a businessman in a business environment                  Confident and relaxed. Handsome young man working on digital tab

Girl on a horse                This is not a good start to the day

Successful Hispanic boss                iStock_000023981522_Large

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